Webb Headshotemail: frankwebbaws@aol.com
website: www.frankwebb.com

Frank Webb has been self-employed as an artist since 1958. He has taught hundreds of painting seminars, in all 50 states and worldwide. A dolphin fellow of the American Watercolor Society, Webb is a vice president and chairman of membership. He has served numerous times on the juries of selection and awards. North Light has published three of his books, Watercolor Energies, Webb on Watercolor, and Strengthen Your Paintings with Dynamic Composition. He has won more than 110 major awards and has juried more than 90 national exhibitions. Webb’s works are in many collections, including: the Butler Institute of American Art, the Taiwan Art Education Institute, the Palmer Museum of Penn State University, the Southern Alleghenies Art Museum, and the Tweed Art Museum of the University of Minnesota. Webb is represented by Harbor Square Gallery (Rockland, ME). He is included in American Artist magazine’s “20 Great Watercolor Teachers.”