Ron Stocke is a Northwest Watercolorist who lives in Everett Washington. His award winning paintings have been featured in Watercolor Artist Magazine and in the Splash series and on products throughout the United States and Canada.  A member of the American Watercolor Society, National Watercolor Society the Puget Sound Group of Northwest Painters and a Signature member of the Northwest Watercolor Society and the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolor. Ron paints and teaches workshops in America, Canada and Italy throughout the year. “The watercolor medium is honest, challenging and always new. It is the oldest pursuit that I know and has enriched my life at every level. While sometimes frustrating even for the most experienced watercolor artist, it is also invigorating and always a learning experience”.

I believe watercolor is simply the best medium to capture light, shadow and reflective surfaces and I exploit this in most of my work. I enjoy the process of watercolor and allowing the medium to have a life of its own. Each year I care less and less about the details of my subject and more about capturing that subject in the fewest brushstrokes I can. You have to keep it simple, Therefore, I’m always thinking SIMPLIFY.  I met Zoltan Szabo at a workshop years ago and he told me that after painting for almost fifty years he was just now starting to figure out the watercolor medium (those of you who knew Zoltan know he figured it out long before that). This has always stuck with me and reminds me that it’s a long journey, enjoy the experience. My hope to anyone viewing this site or taking my workshops is to not judge their work by any other standard than their own. Your brushstrokes are unique and only you can make them.

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