keron-newKeron Psillas is a photographer, writer, instructor and mentor, with an extensive background in the print and publishing industry. Her work with Lusitano horses in Europe and both Americas is published internationally in books and magazines. She has two books published; Meditation for Two, and The Alchemy of Lightness, both with longtime collaborator, Mestre Dominique Barbier.

Currently at work on a long-term personal project, Keron spends considerable time in Eastern Europe, traveling from her home in Portugal to complete her work on Loss and Beauty; creating solace in a world of infinite sorrow. The images from Loss and Beauty are composites of her original photographs “in conversation and inquiry about the nature of personal journeys during the unspeakable horror that was the Nazi Holocaust.” She believes the work has resonance and relevance today as “the world still careens from one battleground to another from either ignorance, greed, or mummified dogma.”

The self-published Four Days in Havana resulted from her participation in a unique project; In the Footsteps of Walker Evans. It was a journey to Cuba to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Walker Evans’ time there to photograph for The Crime of Cuba. Footsteps is the brainchild of a great friend to Photography, Mr. Skip Klein. Given the latest news of the resumption of full diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba, the work from this project will add to the record of the history of Cuba on the brink of great change.

Keron continues to teach in the Pacific Northwest where her career in photography began as the Director of the Art Wolfe Digital Photography Center. For nearly ten years she has assisted Sam Abell and Arthur Meyerson at the Pacific Northwest Art School and other locations. Since 2008, Keron has been offering her own course, The Photography of Intent. Because of her love for and dedication to her students, she is widely sought as a mentor.

Busy throughout the year teaching specialized equine photography courses on location, she also offers luxurious photo tours to Portugal and other locations in Europe and in Brasil. She works with such luminaries as Arthur Meyerson and Greg Gorman to offer engaging and in-depth learning in one-of-a-kind locations.

Keron the person? In her own words: “mother, daughter, aunt, sister, friend, passionate seeker of life, its timeless moments, mystery, essence and grace.”