Wet Felting Realistic Imagery: Partial Felt Mosaic, Fabric Fusion & Machine Stitching with Lisa Klakulak


Registration Deposit: $300
Total cost of Workshop: $925
Dates: Saturday, September 21st – Wednesday, September 25th, 2024 (9am-4pm)

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Deposit: $300 (includes $25 registration)
Balance: $625 (due 60 days ahead of workshop)
Total cost of Workshop: $925

Develop your own imagery in felt through the wet felting technique of arranging partial felt in a mosaic. Participants will reproduce their drawn images and/or existing images of their own choosing from hand made partial felts shrunk to a specified degree of possible shrinkage to achieve image clarity on a fiber background without blurring or buckling. This class offers skill building for drawing with proportion and perspective as well as knowledge of the color globe for hand carding tints, shades and intensities of fiber in order to render images realistically. Images will be embedded in a composition incorporating pre-structured fabrics fused with felt to add surface texture, design and to support the concept/story. Free-motion machine embroidery will then be applied to further define shapes, add details of shading and tinting, more texture and perhaps some text?