SUMI.E Practice – Landscapes, Still Life, and More with Nancy Klos


Total cost of Workshop: $320
Dates: Saturday, September 28th – Sunday, September 29th, 2024 (9am-4pm)

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Total cost of Workshop: $320 (includes $25 registration fee)

In this workshop, you will:

    • Discover a variety of brushstrokes using unique tools
    • Study a very different way of seeing & expression found in Asian cultures
    • Immerse yourself in a combination of art, poetry & meditation
    • Be inspired by concepts in kimono and ikebana (Floral Design) in practice
    • Learn how to understand color and outline
    • Watch demos of sumi.e
    • Create your own original paintings/writings
    • Explore Japanese papers as well
    • Learn more about positive and negative space when we paint/write

Instructor Bio: Nancy Klos has been painting and creating since she was very young. Her studies in school and college were focused on traditional subjects: Portraits, Still Life, Mixed Media, Art History. In 2010, she began to paint with oil painting materials and has been painting on location ever since when possible. Another study she has pursued since 2010 is the Asian art of Sumi.e. She has studied with several master painters and now offers workshops at The Oregon Society of Artists along with other venues by request. This ancient art form has informed her work in oils in many positive ways. She uses Sumi.e techniques in both the setup of the painting and the finishing. More and more these techniques have been appearing in her oil paintings.