Print Me a Color with Pat Pauly- Pay in Full


Total cost of Workshop: $945
Dates: Monday, July 8th – Friday, July 12th, 2024 (9am-4pm)

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Total cost of Workshop: $945 (includes $25 registration and $70 materials)
Materials: Pauly- Supply List.pdf

Print spectacular fabric using thickened fabric dyes with an emphasis on the full spectrum of color. With motifs used in a variety of print techniques, we’ll lay daown colors that are monochromatic, soothing, high contrast, or counterintuitive. We’ll study how to use a range of color to create printed fabric that accentuate layered colors, color directly applied, color that blends, and transparent colors. We’ll mix dyes directly to create whole cloth prints, or overall prints, or some to cut later and use in fiber work. Several printing techniques from direct drawing, to direct color application, to monoprint, to screen printing images serve as the method to apply color to the fabric. The class will rely on value as well as color to pull prints that relate, and graphics that will unite pieces for a strong series of works to use in quilts, clothing, or textile art. Knowledge of dye processes helpful but not critical.