One-Day Pocket Sketching with Kath Macaulay


Total cost of Workshop: $125
Date: Sunday, July 7th, 2024 (9am-4pm)

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Total cost of workshop: $125 (includes $25 registration fee)
Level: All levels welcome

In the morning you will learn the technique for sketching with the water-soluble pen, then combine the pen with color using watercolors. This involves advanced watercolor and requires no previous experience. The perspective lessons of contrast and color are included. In the afternoon you will work from photographs (furnished by instructor), in 25 minutes, using both previous perspective lessons plus focal point and editing. This includes the use of wax, a la John Singer Sargent’s watercolors. The day ends with a ridiculously easy exercise, (which gets great results), just for fun.

Every exercise is aimed at working on location quickly anywhere. There is an added benefit for most people of entering a meditative state while sketching. (And there’s no clean-up!)

There will be a free lecture about Plein Air painting given by the instructor here at the Art School, time TBD, Saturday July 6th (the day before this class), if you’re interested!

This workshop includes:

    • Speed, to avoid multiple focal points, excessive detail, ruining freshness
    • Characteristics of the water-soluble pen which allows the range of value seen in the work of Ansel Adams
    • Use of the watercolor paintings of John Singer Sargent
    • Demonstrations, frequent encouraging critique sessions, and hands-on help

Ideal for travel, hiking, strolling, biking, horseback riding, opera, boring lectures.

Instructor Bio: Kath Macaulay enjoys capturing the moment as an artist. There is always a reason to paint something that catches the eye and the mind. Most of her paintings are designed to give the viewer a feeling of serenity, and of having visited the same location. As an instructor, she delights in teaching her easy, totally portable, no-clean-up technique to beginners and professionals alike. For the beginner it is an open door to art and seeing the world with a new eye. For the advanced artist, it is a totally portable system for 10 to 25 minute sketches when standing in line, hiking, in a café, on horseback, anywhere. The workshops are well organized, fast, loaded with information. Motto: Learn enough to play for a lifetime!