Oil and Cold Wax with a focus on color with Lisa Pressman – Pay in Full


Total cost of Workshop: $870
Dates: Tuesday, June 25th – Saturday, June 29th, 2024 (9am-4pm)

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Total cost of Workshop: $870 (includes $25 registration fee)
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During this five-day workshop, we will explore the versatility and richness of painting with oil and cold wax medium, with a particular focus on color. Through a series of exercises and demonstrations, you will learn how to manipulate the properties of transparency, opacity, and temperature using a limited palette. This will not only expand your understanding of color but also provide you with a new vocabulary and vision for your artistic expression.

One of the key objectives of this workshop is to help you develop your ability to see. We will discuss different ways of perceiving and understanding visual information, allowing you to deepen your observation skills. By studying and analyzing the work of other artists, as well as exploring various techniques, you will gain a greater insight into the power of observation and interpretation in your own art.

Lisa will demonstrate how to effectively use different painting tools, such as brushes, knives, and scrapers to create a range of marks, textures, and surface treatments. This will enable you to build layers, excavate, mono-print, glaze, and explore endless possibilities for mark-making. We will also discuss the significance of composition, space, and scale in creating impactful and engaging artwork.

What Lisa brings to teaching is her years of experience with conceptually driven abstraction and the love of layers of materials. All her teaching concentrates on content, creativity, art making and of course, technique, with an emphasis on helping participants to discover their unique marks and concepts. During the workshop, there will be high-energy sessions featuring experimentation with a multitude of materials. She will schedule fast-paced demos and exercises along with plenty of painting time, personal attention, and group discussions. During the workshop, you will look at slideshows that address art history and the development of artwork over time.