Minimalistic Landscape Photography with Jack Graham


Registration Deposit: $160
Total cost of Workshop: $475
Dates: Friday, November 8th – Sunday, November 10th, 2024 (9am-4pm)

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Deposit: $160 (includes $25 registration)
Balance: $315 (due 60 days ahead of workshop)
Total cost of Workshop: $475
Level: All Levels

Thank you for considering this very special and very different photography workshop on beautiful Whidbey Island in November 2024. We will discuss and photograph many diverse subjects all while using a minimalistic approach with our image making. Bill Course will be assisting me for this workshop.

It is somewhat unnatural for us photographers to create images based on simplicity but are powerful to the viewer. We’ll discuss and develop the proper concepts, techniques, and mindset to create such images. Get ready for perhaps a new way of seeing our world! You don’t need fancy gear, a large assortment of lenses etc. All you need is to develop your creative eye. We will help you do just that.

This 3-day workshop will be an intensive two days of field and classroom work based on Jack’s curriculum that has been developed in over 30+ years of teaching workshops. Whidbey Island offers endless possibilities, and we will be visiting a variety of the locations that have been visited by us in past workshops.

Here on Whidbey Island, we are lucky to have so many different locations to develop our minimalistic photography images. We have abundant water, forests and other urban and scenic locations that offer so many possibilities when it comes to image making, especially in a minimalistic way. We’ll spend time in the classroom as well as in the field developing our skills.

We will meet at 8:30am on Friday morning November 8th at the Pacific Northwest Art School and go over itineraries as well as a presentation on minimalistic photography. We will spend considerable time in the field as well as have time to review our work together. We will conclude at about 3PM on Sunday afternoon (11/10) affording time to travel home if necessary.

A typical day will be:

  1. Early AM departure from the Pacific Northwest Art School
  2. We will return to town late in the morning and eat lunch or find food in the area where we are photographing
  3. Time will be devoted to image reviews as well as presentations of photographic interest
  4. We may elect to stay longer in the field one a certain day and make the review/discussion time on another. We are very flexible. We are light and conditions dependent. THIS IS A WORKSHOP… NOT A TOUR!
  5. We suggest that you bring some snacks and drinks with you. Everyone will receive a daily itinerary. We will discuss meeting times etc. for the following day before the end of each day. Often, even during the workshop we need to be flexible to be at the right place at the right time

Thank you for considering this workshop. It will be one that you will learn to think, see, and create.