Lakes, Streams & Waterfalls: Capturing Movement and Reflective Quality of Water in the Landscape with Mike Wise


Registration Deposit: $140
Total cost of Workshop: $420
Dates: Friday, September 27th – Sunday, September 29th, 2024 (9am-4pm)
Location: Mike Wise’s Studio, 560 Hill Valley Dr, Coupeville

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Deposit: $140 (includes $25 registration)
Balance: $280 (includes $0 materials, due 60 days ahead of workshop)
Total cost of Workshop: $420
Level: Some experience in painting and color mixing is required

For oil and acrylic*

Join Mike Wise in his Whidbey Island studio for an intense information-packed workshop. Mike will demonstrate his painting techniques in oils, from initial concept and block-in, to middle ground modeling and top layer impasto finish work. All workshops follow a similar flow with an equal balance of demonstrations and student painting time. Throughout the course of this workshop, Mike will demonstrate his complete approach to painting, from white canvas to finished picture. Mike will do painting demonstrations in the morning and afternoon each day and will provide plenty of one-on-one instruction with students. He will cover everything from the basics to advanced techniques. Demonstrations will cover values, massing, edges, drawing, paint handling, mediums, tools, supports and anything else that goes into painting.

In addition to the above, this class will have special emphasis on water, reflections, transparency, and movement. Water has a moderating effect on temperature and values, especially transparent, reflective water, and getting it right can be difficult to achieve. Mike will take you through this and his other processes to paint water in various states such as highly reflective, transparent, still, and moving water. Painting convincing water relies heavily on edges and transparency of paint.

Students will learn:

  • How to paint realistic underwater elements… i.e., rocks logs, etc.
  • How to control values and transparency to achieve depth in water
  • Using edges in suggesting moving water
  • How to achieve realistic reflections with the power of suggestion
  • How water effects color, value, and temperature
  • How to use water as a compositional element
  • Exaggeration for impact including impasto and totally lost edges

*Acrylic painters should note that Mike paints using oils, however he is very comfortable teaching students who paint with acrylic. While demonstrations are in oil, many of the same principles apply. If you are painting in acrylic, it is up to you to know the specific nuances of your medium.

Student Testimonials:

“Mike is one of the best teachers I have ever had. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable, but he shares all of his experience, tips and techniques with his students. He wants us to be successful artists. His modeling of the steps and phases of painting, his individual feedback, and his genuine appreciation of master artists, are how he has supported me as I am learning, growing, and evolving as an oil painter.”

— Pamela G., Freeland, WA

“Mike Wise’s classes feature expressive use of design, color and brushwork. Lots of individual attention and helpful demos, definitely recommend!”

— June J., Edmonds, WA