Imagining Paradise with Keith Carter – Pay Balance


Balance: $975
Total cost of Workshop: $1425
Dates: Monday, July 15th – Friday, July 19th, 2024 (9am-4pm)
Location: Offsite- Pacific Rim Institute

Balance: $975 (due May 16th, 2024)
Deposit: $450 Registered students will have paid this already
Location: Offsite- The Granary at Pacific Rim Institute, 180 Parker Road, Coupeville, WA 98239
Total cost of Workshop: $1425

This workshop is designed to help you discover or renew your creative spirit, and broaden the way you think about photography. Its purpose is to help serious amateur or professional photographers reconcile practical and creative lives, to re-examine your own creative process exploring the narrative, aesthetic, and emotional aspects of image making, and find new paths to creative growth. Our goals are to help each participant develop or refine a sense of personal style and to make serious amateur, fine-art, and commercial work more passionate and fulfilling.

Emphasizing simplicity, practical demonstrations, individual portfolio reviews, and discussions centering on the work of both historically significant and little known photographers, we try to refine our views on producing work and balancing the various aspects of a busy life. In addition to traditional darkroom technique and expressive digital printmaking, we discuss how to develop projects, exhibitions, and the publishing world.

Participants may work in black and white or color, film or digital. All camera formats welcome. Everyone is encouraged to bring a sense of humor and a sense of purpose. Wise-asses, hotdogs, and burn-outs are welcome. For more information, please view Keith’s web-site,