Create your own heART journal with Rachel Phillips!


Total cost of Workshop: $200
Dates: Thu, February 29th – Fri, March 1st, 2024 (9am-4pm)

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Total cost of workshop: $200 (includes $25 registration)

heART journals hold within them, the stories of your life…they are the home for all of the things you have been stuffing in drawers and shoeboxes. The photos stuck on your phone, the quotes and poems that make you feel things, the lyrics, the ticket stubs, the feathers, the postcards, the leaves, the to-do lists…

Alongside Rachel, you will be making your very own journal from scratch and leave endlessly inspired to start your own heART journaling practice… together you will be creating covers out of fabric and modpodge, stuffing them full, and then binding them with a variety of paper(ish) things (watercolor paper,cut up grocery bags, pages torn from thrifted books and nature magazines, sheet music, scrapbook paper…you name it!)

Rachel will walk you through full page tutorials, and a variety of tips, tricks and ways to create uniquely ‘you’ pages to start telling the story you have always known wanted to be told <3

Supply list:

  • Mod Podge (at least an 8oz size)
  • fabric scissors
  • about a yard of fabric (we wont use it all, but a little extra is always nice, this could be fabric you by from a store, you thrift, or maybe a bed sheet with a pretty pattern? I have used skirts, shirts, pillow cases… go have some fun hunting) Feel free to bring scraps or squares too for a patchwork look…
  • Paintbrush for mod podge
  • A large cereal box (my favorite size is the Costco giant rice krispies, but really any chip board material will do)
  • A variety of paper items, different sizes are fine (I suggest at least a few blank watercolor or mixed media papers, but then think creatively as you search for the rest…
  • fun scrapbook patterns, nature or garden books that aren’t being looked at anymore, maps, brown paper grocery bags work great, sheet music, favorite novels that are falling apart….)
  • an Awl or small nail
  • wax string or book binding twine
  • book binding needle (something big enough and strong enough for the waxy twine)
  • at least a few photos, a variety of sizes (I like to print mine out on regular printer paper or photocopy them)
  • a small bottle of white acrylic paint or gesso
  • a few paintbrushes
  • glue stick (I like Uhu sticks because they are archival)
  • a few of your favorite colors of cheap acrylic paint (nothing fancy here!)
  • **** not needed but bonus if you have them or want to bring them, washi tape, magazines, stamps, paper scraps, paint pens… really just about anything you want to bring or enjoy working with!!!!