Expressive Encaustic Portraiture with Lora Murphy


Registration Deposit: $220
Total cost of Workshop: $735
Dates: Monday, November 18th – Wednesday, November 20th, 2024 (9am-4pm)

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Deposit: $220 (includes $25 registration)
Balance: $515 (includes $60 materials, due 60 days ahead of workshop)
Total cost of Workshop: $735

This workshop plan aims to provide a comprehensive and immersive experience, suitable for both beginners and those with some experience in encaustic portraiture. The beautiful and inspiring setting of the Pacific Northwest will add a unique and memorable aspect to the workshop.

Materials Needed:

    • Encaustic Paints: A variety of colors including translucent and opaque options and the Lora Murphy Portrait set
    • Tools: Lora Murphy set Brushes, heat guns, torches, and scraping tools
    • Surfaces: Wooden panels (or canvases prepared for encaustic)

Day 1: Introduction to Expressive Encaustic Portraiture

    • Morning Session: Introduction to encaustic painting techniques, focusing on the history, safety, and basic methods
    • Afternoon Session: Start with quick exercises to get comfortable with encaustic materials. Focus on basic portraiture techniques using wax and a variety of mixed media Lots of Play

Day 2: Advanced Techniques and Personal Expression

    • Morning Session: Dive into advanced encaustic techniques. Experiment with layering, texturing, and incorporating collage and mixed media
    • Afternoon Session: Guided portrait creation, emphasizing personal style and expressive qualities. Individual attention to each participant’s work. You will have time to complete at least 2 pieces, many people will create 3 or 4 works

Day 3: Completion and Exhibition

    • Morning Session: Complete the portrait works. Focus on refinement and detailing
    • Afternoon Session: Prepare for a small exhibition. Discuss presentation techniques. Conclude with a group critique and feedback session

**For maximum creative benefits, immerse yourself in a week of encaustic and mixed media taught by two different artists with varying materials and approaches by registering for our Back-to-Back Encaustic Workshop with Lora Murphy and Christina Lovisa**