Creative Acrylic & Mixed Media Painting with Jacqui Beck – Pay Balance


Balance: $455
For students who have already paid $220 deposit
Total cost of Workshop: $675
Dates: Saturday, July 20th – Tuesday, July 23rd, 2024 (9am-4pm)

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Balance: $455 (due 5/24/24)
For students who have already paid $220 deposit
Total cost of Workshop: $675
Materials: Beck- Supply List.pdf

Join this exciting workshop to explore ways to create unique and personal paintings that span the continuum from semi-realistic to abstract.

This workshop is for painters at all levels of experience. It offers information, demos, and practice (with individual support) in using a variety of techniques, tools and methods for applying paint and other media.

In this class you will play around with:

    • Creative ways of applying and removing paint, including the use of stencils and handmade stamps
    • Using a variety of other media
    • Discovering ways to create interesting pattern and texture
    • Creating and incorporating collage papers
    • Making the most of color and value
    • Digging deeply and playfully as you express yourself

You will learn a variety of ways to start, make changes to, and finish paintings in this enjoyable and supportive environment. We’ll explore ways to interact with the painting as it develops to bring out form and to express yourself.

You’ll have a chance to try new things and experiment with new ways of approaching the painting process, with an eye to developing your own voice and personal expression.

Instructor Bio: Jacqui Beck is an artist, creativity coach, and art educator living in Seattle, Washington. She has a master’s degree in counseling psychology from the University of Victoria, and has studied at Gage academy of Art and with many nationally known artists. Jacqui’s artwork is colorful and expressive. Working in acrylics and mixed media, she paints with a sense of depth and whimsy. Her award-winning acrylic paintings are collected and exhibited in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and New Zealand and are available through Columbia City Gallery, River Gallery, Lynn Hanson Gallery, and Karin Clarke Gallery at the Gordon. Jacqui has been teaching art for over twenty years to students of all ages. She teaches a variety of acrylic and mixed media techniques with a focus on supporting students to develop their own personal artistic expression, loosen up, and enjoy the creative process.

Have a look at the many of Jacqui’s videos that demonstrate techniques and discuss creative concepts: (158) Jacqui Beck – YouTube
Instagram: jacquiart