Chromaticity: Flat and Glowing with Carol Soderlund- Pay Balance


Balance: $625
Total cost of Workshop: $895
Dates: Monday, July 29th – Friday, August 2nd, 2024 (9am-4pm)

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Balance: $625 (includes $70 materials, due 5/30/24)
This is for students who have already paid $270 deposit
Total cost of Workshop: $895
Materials: Soderlund Supply List.pdf

In this workshop we will be delving into the relationship between color and light. As David Hornung says in his text Colour, “The relationship between color and light is one of the most powerful aspects of two-dimensional art. Light itself has a mysterious psychological effect. To see light appear to emanate from within a group of colors is an arresting visual experience.” Of course, as artists in cloth, we want to translate these ideas to fabric, creating cloth that can convey pure, glowing color, that appears luminous when used, and creating partnered hues that are less glowing, less luminous, ready to be used as contrast in compositions. To this end, students will learn three methods of creating flat/glowing pairs in hand-dyed cloth with Procion MX dyes, using color recipes provided as well as color inspiration they bring from personal inspiration files such as paint chips, photographs, and swatches. Swapping and sharing of color recipes and samples will follow, so that students will emerge with a notebook of flat/glowing pairs and how to achieve them in their own studio practice, as well as yards of paired flat/glowing cloth. In personal projects will also explore the effects of resists and overdyeing and the interplay of color on one piece of cloth.


“I loved Chromaticity! I wondered if this class was right for me- I’ve done a bit of dyeing, but still felt like a beginner. I learned so much from Carol: color theory, reproducible colors, myth busting, different dyeing methods. Carol was patient with my beginner questions while providing challenges for the more experienced dyers- my classmates were generous with their knowledge and tips too. I now have the confidence to dye beautiful fabric- in the colors I choose- and understand how different colors might work together in a sewing project. Thanks Carol!” —Kama Ward