Back-to-Back Encaustic Workshop with Lora Murphy and Christina Lovisa


Registration Deposit: $390
Total cost of Back-to-Back Workshop: $1,345
Dates: Monday, November 18th – Sunday, November 24th, 2024 (9am-4pm)

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Deposit: $390 (includes $25 registration)
Balance: $955 (includes $120 materials, due 60 days ahead of workshop)
Total cost of Back-to-Back Workshop: $1,345
Dates, Part One: Lora Murphy workshop- Monday, November 18th – Wednesday, November 20th
Thursday, November 21st – intermission between classes
Dates, Part Two: Christina Lovisa workshop- Friday, November 22nd – Sunday, November 24th

Join us for a back-to-back workshop with Lora and Christina! Register via this page if you are interested in taking both Lora Murphy’s workshop AND Christina Lovisa’s workshop together at a discounted rate, mentioned above. Click here to read about Lora’s “Expressive Encaustic Portraiture” class and here to read about Christina’s “Two Worlds Collide” class for details and images.

Benefit from immersing yourself in a week of encaustic and mixed media taught by two different artists with varying materials and approaches.

It’s a push/pull, Ying/Yang scenario where the synergistic energies of both Lora and Christina come together to provide a supportive framework for extensive learning and immersion into the mediums. Portraiture and fine art skills are honed in Lora’s workshop, whereas Christina teaches mixed media and encaustic with a much looser approach focusing on trust and intuition.

The two courses, held back to back, provide the artist with a wide array of tools and techniques complemented by the time and support needed to sink further into the wonderful world of encaustic art.