RAY PFORTNER has worked in photography for over 20 years – as a stock agent, an editor, a consultant, a photographer, and an educator. He teaches and consults on the business of art and on photography across the US. Ray received Bellevue Community College’s 2008 Margin of Excellence Award. He served as Director of Education for Seattle’s Photographic Center Northwest for the 2007-8 academic year, where he taught the business of photography class. He also received the North American Nature Photography Association’s 2006 Recognition Award for making a difference with his photography, its 2003 Russ Kinne Grant for sharing his expertise, and its 2003 Fellow Award for career contributions in nature photography. Ray’s photography is widely published, and used to support habitat and environmental protection. His primary interest is in coaching new talent and in having art, especially photography seen and sold. Ray holds a Masters degree from Duke University.