Native Californian turned Pacific Northwest Whidbey Island dweller, mixed media artist Wendy Lee Lynds has

the (amusing) distinction of being the second runner-up in the “Miss Rogue River Rooster Crow Pageant.”

While (still) nursing her angst over losing the title, Wendy has stepped away from the glamorous lure of the

crown towards artistic endeavors.


First, as an apprentice weaver in South Pasadena, CA, then painting decorative walls using hand-cut stencils.

Wendy found her way to collage with the help of a workshop by Jonathan Talbot in the late nineties. Creating

small intricate collages for a number of years, she continued taking mixed media workshops experimenting with

monotypes, encaustics, acrylics, and visual journaling. It didn’t take long to figure out that the mixing and mashing

up of all five was addicting.
While still content to work intimately with collage, Wendy has recently launched into throwing paper, paint, and

handprinted monotypes onto large canvases and wood panels. She sites the rawness of works by Jean-Michel

Basquiat and Robert Rauschenberg as inspiring. While her style may be different, she appreciates the “no-restraint”

creative energy each artist employed. With a natural exuberance and a painted-splattered apron, she creates works

of rich surfaces and layers of tiny details. It’s often those details that beg the viewer to take a closer look.


While not in the studio or facilitating collage/mixed media workshops in the Northwest, Wendy can be found swing

dancing down the aisles of her local thrift store, chasing happily after four furry friends and one not-so-furry spouse.

She’s also been known to dodge cars in order to pick up squished pieces of paper from the middle of the road.

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