Artist Statement
Marguerite Jay Gignoux (Peg)

My work as a fiber artist is based in collage. This technique allows me the freedom to work loosely with a variety of materials. My compositions are layered, full of stories, complex textures and color. I work improvisationally, using an assortment of fabrics and papers, young and old, often hand dyed and handmade. Collecting, recycling, arranging, obscuring, stitching, printing, drawing and weaving many random or odd ingredients into a vibrant whole provides focus and adventure to what is essentially an intuitive process.

My art quilts, collages and handmade books often boast of buttons and beads, discarded drawings, prose and poetry: all marvelous narrative bits scavenged from life. Sewing is a powerful artistic tool for me. Whether working on paper or fabric I enjoy embellishing the surface with the endless repetition of the tiny stitch. For me, quilting, this laying on of thread, joins displaced and dissonant images together and adds an element of intimacy to a piece. I love opportunities to explore and redefine a surface; to create quiet places for the eye to rest of inquire and to involve the viewer in an unexpected tactile and visual journey.

gignoux peg headshot