I am interested in observing a condition of adaptation and memory among plants, animals, and humans in their environment. Since moving to Chicago in 1989, I have noticed that the city is filled with various ethnic groups, with new and different immigrants still arriving. Many cultural values coexist. Some of those immigrants adapt and change in relationship to this city’s culture producing “varieties”. Many plants also migrated to the new land. Climate, soil, environment… many elements effect new plants. They started to grow in the new soil, and at the same time, there is survival for existence. 

My personal journey lead me from adaptation and then to a process of memory. Nassen technique, which is based on traditional Japanese rice paste resist printing technique was used in the majority of my work. It employs dyes mixed into rice paste that creates both color and resist simultaneously. While using it with cut-out stencil paper, “katagami”, I noticed the empty shape left behind after cutting out forms in stencil paper. This “negative space” of cut-out stencil indicates the trace of its existence. Negative space is an evidence creating a memory. My work expresses an attempt at understanding a process of memory based on my inner observation.


portrait Cohn