For our next show “Spring Rebirth” the submission deadline is April 19th.

Please fill out both documents below and bring them in with your work.



(You must be a PNWAS member to submit work to the member gallery. Click HERE for more information)

  1. Content of Work:
    • Work must be completed by the exhibiting artist.
    • Work must have a minimum of 51% artist’s content (no copying)
    • Signature and artist’s identifying marks are required on all pieces
    • Each piece should be one you are proud to sign
  2. Reproductions:
    • All reproductions must be clearly marked
    • Series must be numbered and limited
    • Open edition prints should be so marked
    • The process of reproduction must be noted in the description
  3. Presentation of Work:
    • The presentation of work should clearly identify the media in all particulars, either individually or by statement accompanying the pieces
    • 3-D ART:
      • Remove sharp edges from 3-D work
      • Clean bottoms
      • Sign and date pieces
    • WALL ART:
      • Wall pieces with metal prefab frames must be backed with foam core or similar material
      • Wall pieces with wooden frames must be backed with paper dust covers.
        • Oil paintings are the exception
      • Visible tape is unacceptable
      • Wall pieces must have hanging wire neatly attached by ring hangers and screws (for wood frames) following gallery standards of 1/3 height of frame and 1”-2” clearance of wire from top edge of frame
      • Glass must fit the frame, no gaps, and is clean and scratch free
      • Mats must fit the frame and be neatly cut with no gaps
      • There must be no dirt or smudges inside the frame or under the glass
      • Scratched, dented or gauged frames may not be displayed unless a distressed format is part of the art presentation (this will be obvious to the viewer)
      • Protection: Any such art must be wrapped and sealed in  plastic sleeves
      • Archival quality prints are preferred, any other reproduction must state the kind of reproduction on the label on the back of the print.
      • All mixed media, cards and other work, which depends on glued attachments, must be neatly and completely glued.

(There is a limit of three pieces per member.)


PNWAS Standards  12/16